About Us

Brown Sports Convos is a club designed to bring all sports fans, from casual to die-hard, together to talk sports. We hope to inspire engaging conversations on the intersection of sports and culture between members of the Brown community.
We will organize casual discussion sessions, providing students with a comfortable setting in which to debate about their favorite athletes, best teams, and all other topics related to sports. Throughout the year, we will also hold viewing events for the most popular sporting events.

On this website, we provide a platform for students to produce sports-related content. Here, you can access articles, blogs, and various other media - all student-produced.

The Team


Alex McCarver
Class of 2021

Social Team Head

George Klein
Class of 2020

Chief Editor

Trevor Ing
Class of 2023

Lead Graphic Designer

Jason Zagorzki
Class of 2020

Brown Sports Analytics Head

Sathya Anisetti
Class of 2020

Web Team Lead

Vishie Betapudi
Class of 2020

Podcast Producer & Editorial Team Lead

Parker Ljung
Class of 2022

Copy Editor

Writers & Podcasters

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